CJC oil filtration systems

Why choose a CJC filter system


80% of all oil related failures and breakdowns are caused by contaminated oil

Your natural solution

Clean & dry oil and guaranteed success through oil filtration - we offer highly qualified technical back-up

Our product

CJC® Fine Filters - simple, efficient and low maintenance - will guarantee your success!

Your benefits

Reduce your maintenance cost, fewer breakdowns, fewer oil changes - install a CJC® Fine Filter!


A filter insert
B filter insert
F filter insert
F filter insert
Filter separators
Filter separators


Mr. Morten Krognes

Chief Engineer “MV Eidsvaag Vega

” Our operating experience up to filter insert replacement is very good! We weighed one of the inserts and its weight showed 12.3 kg! The oil in the engine is still brown and not black! - This CJC™ Oil Filter is really good :)”

Mr. Roger Johansen

Chief Engineer

” We are very happy with the fuel and lube oil filters. This is many times better and cheaper than separators. And this makes the daily working environment for the engineers in the engine room much better.”

Mr. Jim Westerman


” The fuel has never been so clean” and “It is as good as red wine.”

Mr. Sylvester Kapias

Manager Heat Treatment

” We already filter our quenching baths with a CJC™ Fine Filter. Therefore, we decided to run this test with the skimmed oil. By using the CJC™ Filter Separator we can annually save up to approximately EUR 70,000.”

Filter Separator