About us


Trust and Respect.

We build our cooperation on trust and respect. We treat everyone-customers, suppliers and colleagues- as we want to be treated. Our partners must be able to trust us in all circumstances.

Innovation and development

To ensure our customer the best solution, we will work purposefully towards that we remain among the best in our specialty. Therefore, we use and develop our creativity and innovativeness in an environment where the ability to see new opportunities and the willingness to exploit them are valued.

Commitment and Responsibility

We are aware that a shared commitment develops the business and provides the greatest value in daily work. We understand, acknowledge and live up to our shared and individual responsibilities - we are here because we feel like it.

Our strengths

We know the market, we know where parts are located.

We can pool our customers' purchasing wishes.

We have access to Europe's largest stock of used spare parts for the shipping industry.

We are located at, and have entered into a close collaboration with one of Europe's largest shipyards for scrapping.

We are not bound by territorial clauses.